According to Tull, he believes that his personality and morals have only improved over the course of high school

According to Tull, he believes that his personality and morals have only improved over the course of high school

Similarly, Zirpoli found her sense of purpose through joining Leadership her freshman year and continuing throughout high school, going from Vice President of her freshman class to ASB Vice President her senior year.

“Being able to find that family in Leadership and find a purpose through being the Vice President, being involved in spirit and things that I love, helping to plan rallies or food days and being a part of all that action I think has given me a sense of purpose within my community,” Zirpoli said.

To that end, spending time with friends and doing what you love in a completely natural way can add to your life immeasurably,” Liu said

Of course, another fundamental aspect of finding purpose throughout the high school experience is the personal transformation of character and values for many students.

“I care less about my image to other people. I care more about knowing the value that I stand for. Freshman year, my morals and values were like, ‘Whatever is cool.’ Now they’re a little more developed,” Tull said. “I actually know some things I’m okay with and some things I’m not okay with and at the beginning of freshman year it was like, ‘If the majority of my friends are okay with it, it’s alright with me.’”

The numerous invaluable experiences that high school offers to learn and grow beyond a purely academic scope help to shape the personalities and values of student graduates. Naturally, many students have feelings of both fulfillment and regret when looking back at the experiences that they did and didn’t take advantage of, and seniors can offer plenty of advice to students who e situations they faced.

While he appreciates that he still retains some of his carefree and juvenile behavior, he has developed a concrete understanding about what he believes is right and wrong

Zirpoli’s advice to any high school student in general is to embrace whatever excites you, even if it ple, attending an event even if close friends won’t be there, or running for a class office even though there’s a possibility of losing.

“Just really jump into high school-because I’m a senior, and I wish I would’ve gone to football games, and I wish I would’ve gone to more of the basketball games or to more of my club meetings,” Zirpoli said. “I think the biggest mistake you make is not making more mistakes, not trying more things and just putting yourself out there more.”

Tull’s advice to freshmen on succeeding in the social aspect of high school is to find a group of people that have similar values and interests, and who make you feel true to yourself when you’re around them.

“Find the kids that you actually enjoy spending time with, and you feel like you’re not changing yourself too much to hang out around them,” Tull said.

For Liu, she has two important pieces of advice that she would not only give to incoming freshmen, but to her freshman self specifically. Firstly, Liu strongly advises against taking a full AP/Honors schedule, because while it’s important to be challenged, it’s equally important to have classes in the school day that fulfill individual interests.

Secondly, Liu recommends finding a balance between spending time with friends, creating personal communities within the school and focusing on academic work.

“Having a strong community makes the work you do more meaningful. “It’s like the old saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.’ I have found that to be true in high school.”

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