15) It’s reflected in your body language

15) It’s reflected in your body language

12) You don’t question it

Sure, part of you wants to check whether they feel it too, or how you know if there really is a spark between you – but another part of you already kind of knows the answer.

When you experience an instant connection it’s usually so obvious and perhaps even all-consuming that it doesn’t leave much time to feel insecure.

Sometimes when we meet people we worry so much about what they think of us or the type of impression we are making on them.

But every now and then when you get caught up in an instant connection, you don’t have time to stress about these kinds of things in the same way.

Even if your overthinking mind questions it, deep down in your core you know that you feel what you feel and that they probably feel it too. Both of your behaviour towards one another makes Japonca kadД±nlarla evlen it fairly clear.

So even though as the relationship progresses it’s natural for some insecurities and doubts to pop up, after that first meeting you’re not sitting around wondering if they really liked you too, because you already know it. Continue reading 15) It’s reflected in your body language