Some questions about the definition of out of love or sexual curiosity about idols )

Some questions about the definition of out of love or sexual curiosity about idols )

step three.3 Moral considerations, constraints, and you may reflexivity

All of the participants signed advised concur models with the intention that they participated in the fresh interview that have full experience in the dangers and benefits of the research. They may be able will not respond to questions if they be uncomfortable, because certain questions relating to expressions out of sexual notice and you can sexual direction are going to be sensitive and painful for many interviewees. More over, detailed information and solutions like the idols interviewees try idolizing, interviewees’ disappointment with users throughout the partner neighborhood, and their statements with the conventional media’s account towards fandom-related affairs will never be shared with anybody beyond this search. Pseudonyms was in fact and additionally provided to make sure respondents’ privacy. This new offer of the many anonymized suggestions and you may articles inside look could have been passed by every interviewees.

In terms of limits associated with look, to begin with, the product quality and you will accuracy of interviews can differ, once the participants could possibly get keep back or changes info, and regularly they may reject the root linkage ranging from its thoughts and you will means (Berger 1998). Eg, you to definitely interviewee said that “I don’t want to get married and also high school students, but I really do want one thing to keep me personally accompanied. This is why I purchase idol dolls.” But when I inquired, “do you think idol dolls may be the solution to nearest and dearest?” She answered, “no, I think it (to shop for idol dolls) is merely a random activity.”

Another limitation will be based upon the fresh new class. Although on the 60 % of your own idol doll consumers is grownups, young adults (old regarding 13 in order to 18) and enjoy a crucial role on the idol-toy partner society. Yet not, young people commonly within the investigation since it is tough to obtain parental permission and you can adolescent assent (we.age., a keen affirmative contract to participate). A bigger try connected with so much more adolescent people is expected to possess coming look on the comparable subjects, which offer a more complete knowledge of motives trailing fans’ idol-toy requests.

When it comes to lookup reflexivity, since the a member of Gen Z as well as an idol-doll client that has basic records information about idol-cotton-toy practices and you can lover people, the brand new specialist might have been observing mother fans’ buy practices to possess a good while. The new shared socio-cultural background and experiences helped mcdougal contact reputable participants and you will gain believe from them, and so providing the author to further probe to their root reasons. Yet not, considering the researcher’s good effectiveness the stigmatization and you can complaint from fangirls off mainstream media, the fresh new specialist could possibly get in certain cases failed to stay natural and you may may have unintentionally conveyed her own feedback in the interview.

cuatro Abilities and you may discussion

That it part gift ideas the main results bare on the thematic study, which could be split into one or two significant layouts, (1) Mother fans’ emotional needs and you can (2) recognition throughout the lover community.

4.1 Mother fans’ psychological means

Depending on the textual study of 9 chose articles, conventional media only interprets admirers once the consumers, focusing on the economic benefits and you may disregarding their mental need. Additionally there is a propensity to criticize fans’ application and you will enthusiast society bästa plats för japansk brudar. That is, the purchase from idol dolls, just like the a specific types of this new enthusiast cost savings, was negatively framed since the “unreasonable consumption by unformed and you will fanatical (female) fans”. Also, idol-partner community can be regarded as “distorted”, “chaotic” or “out of control”, in addition to partner economy significantly less than which situation is actually interpreted because the a good way of “exploiting fans” meaning that “would be restricted”. For it browse, it’s important to de–stigmatize idol-lover people and you will understand the problems and you may psychological requires out of mommy fans, that may help uncover fans’ reasons for purchasing idol dolls.

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